1 august
Dutch Gov.: “we advise masks – but for behavioural reasons”
… this Gov told what the others do not
(though said in panic – and will be spindoctored) ;

“…facemasks have NO proven medical effect…”
“therefore masks will not be implemented nationwide..”
“..[but] the request came for behavioural influencing ,
so , not related to a healthcare point of view ,
but aimed at behavioural influencing
[…] and to see which experimentation can be done…”

… we knew that their occult Ritual is about ‘protecting earth’
(to prevent that the sons will be collected and leave) ;
the Ritual aspect of “everyone wearing muzzles” can well
relate to the concept “opening of the mouth” , see to right ,
where the idea is “to acquire creational speech”
(by ritually remóving bandages which closed the mouth)
… the concept was important to the Egyptians because
they would be the ones ‘invoking eden-aspects to come’ :
but the opening of the mouth is promised to the sons
in Ezekiel.29 : 21 — and no muzzling will stop that

Dutch Gov, 30/7 , van Ark , PM of Medical care
(credits in link)

(was posted 18 July)




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