1 january 2023
posted : Zech. 7+8 (intro) : likely theme : the birthright + we are IN the 5th seal
… please you be the judge :
it’s not that we now consider every chapter to contain this theme — we’re most careful ;
interestingly until chapter 7 it describes “the four horses theme” as the four seals ,
and because this chapter starts with “the 144 crying out” and because the buildup
resembles Haggai 2 the context factually describes us being in the 5th seal right now ,
as this horrible “surplus time” which we dubbed ‘the Ravine’ 
       we try not complain your Majesty … it does help a bit – a tiny bit – knowing that this
       awful time apparently needs to happen … you know that it’s unlikely that we’d find
       the enddate because it’s too corrupted , then just promise please it will be short
       always please forgive us – all of us – immediately 



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