1 juli
… no – we reject the identification  >>
because the “lone” is an aspect belonging to ús —
compare all the occult Rituals as “lone (wolf)” shootings
in the past few years , aimed at us ;
we won’t have “the false report” (‘trump’) identify with us ;

… below is given the reason for this log (and see previous one) —
because apart from personal harassment (to all of the 144,000 now)
it is again another trick of Canaan is performing his occult Rituals (against us)
“thus – says – IEUE of – hosts :
the sons of
– Ishral – and the sons of – Judah – [=as 144,000] (are) both – oppressed ,
[=because] the ones
[=’spirits’] (are) holding them captive – refusing – to let them go”

… yes we knew this is going on
but the next promise for to save is encouraging to know (will be posted tomorrow)



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