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july 1-2

posted : Amos 5 (10 lines) “giants in earth”
and her log ‘the Double Trap’ — long but interesting
+ notes in Hag. 2 and Dan. 12 concerning the ’24th’
… yesterday was a long one but this will be an insane one :
a vision – but not after some movie (they’re all sh*t) and
please know that it was unexpected because “not Seeing”
is exactly the problem for years now
… on bed last night the room became a half-dark cave
having walls like a network of veins – apparently of blood
because there were some unclear gory thing to the left side
… at the feet end of the bed stood … a monster , an It ;
its height was larger than the room , it had many long teeth
and overall it looked like a giant or giant lion or bull ; it never
moved nor made a sound and it seems ‘the veins’ were part
of it ; then a short thick worm appeared close to the leftside :
it had eyes and a small mouth and was disgusting to behold ;
after many dirty pictures (in the mind?) strangely a dog showed ,
the rest of the night was one of poor sleep
— today
pondering how this could relate
to the ‘vampire’ theme of yesterday
and after finding some Sumerian
demons a better picture ensued —
to right ‘Lamashtu’, a goddess
related to earth but a violent one ;
the posture resembles a bit what 
showed and see the dog as ‘her’
attribute , and get this : also a
a leech – a worm – was , probably
related to human sacrifices and
may show on the chest in the pic ;
now ,
their pantheon is very complicated
and not for this log but the mother
goddess theme directly links to 
Moloch, Nergal, Annamelek , Gula
and it seems to be inside earth …
— we hád a prophet chapter about ‘Gaia’ but this came unexpected ,
and these (half?-) giants / half-bulls / lions are a bizarre theme  —
yet Amos 5 shows ‘Moloch’ + a request to the 144 to understand !
please give us some time cause it’s very corrupted and it’s most
unclear to us whát God wants to say here — first ten lines are ready



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