1 juni
dream (and no joke – though indeed it’s a bit strange theme)

… the first dream got lost ; of the second one only the phrase remained
as “(..a name..) wants to drown us” , but since the proper name got lost ,
the subject is lacking ; however , the third dream was clear :
… we were a biblestudy group in a church , and a younger male speaker
introduced his theme of “understanding scripture through the hieroglyphs” —
I saw some were listening to him with tears in their eyes , and once I saw a glimp
of the speaker – handsome but in a cruel way , and i knew he was WRONG
because he knéw ‘they had to be read from right to left’ , so it was on púrpose ;
I explained what was wrong with it to a figure having a tv-shaped head ,
but when I walked out , the speaker stopped me in an almost mocking way
by extending his leg across the path – and that dream ended ;
… the speaker can only be ‘Adam’ , while the ‘talking to the tv’ must be “hR”
(question : whó had the ‘legal right’ to order the corruption of God’s words…?) ;

in the final dream , after an endless drive I finally parked the car at the destination site
and badly desired a drink : then I discovered that this site had been …’overtaken’
by a cunning boss of a garage company much like the Fast N’ Loud series ;
forcing me to drive a bit more to a definitive destination site
(and then I was tipsy ..? – tipsy always relates to ‘sorcery’) ;
… when I turned around , the few of us stood upon a scaffolding ramp at a high-rise ,
but there was a gap in the scaffold which we somehow had to cross ;
when fireworks as flares headed towards us , sent by the cunning garage company —
however they did not explode but popped and a succubus appeared – but as a naked
upper half of a grey, rather ugly woman ; and the vast amount of flares caused
rows and rows of these succubi (they were the “Bulgarian” type) , akin to that chinese
terracotta army , positioned at the opposite side of that gap ; — and I woke groggy

… the main theme must be the 144 – because I recognized one of the guys in class ,
a simple but very honest soul (name as ‘ruler’) ;
the actual theme must be “hindering” – the leg , the changed destiny and the gap ;
and becáuse of yesterday , it [=yesterday] is tried to be undone – in the inverse way –
by sending the succubi spirits (where ‘bulgar’ means ‘disturber’) to the males of the 144 ,
because the males carry the legal right aspect ;
– if we believe in succubi ?
definitely : yet not in the false ‘direct way’ which is often described , but simply through
a real existing female (either in realtime or depiction) ; besides , the entire book Amos
is about this same theme – apart from spells and Rg-Veda ;
(though it feels a bit strange to do ; yet truth is more important) ,
… Sir , you please , personally , protect all the male candidates – in this specific case ,
so that their legal right over the attribute of their girls is not being compromised



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