(1 nov.  — continued)                                                                               IMPORTANT
“they” worked many years towards [Samhain-] 2021
… we only found this one today ,
the same woman of the 25th vid ;
the two main themes she describes
completely match our context  —
that 2021 must be some end-date
which “they” knew long time ago ,
the second is her description about
invoking the nature of real Evil  –
read, their invocation of that realm ;
has some gaps in the wider context
(but that don’t degrade the message) :
please first watch        >>

                (sound improves after few mins in)
 (30/10 recorded by enzymedom bitchute)

breakdown :
(07.08 mins) “the announcements long time ago that 2021 would be crucial”
(10.52 mins) “this [-year] will be the largest sacrifice – ever”
(12.23 mins) “because they will invite the evil realm itself” 
                             compare the NASA Ritual where humanity invites it , see log ;
(12.40 mins) “the worst evil you could imagine – in the core of this earth” 
                             we don’t know if they are “inside this earth” álso  —
                             perhaps as a way of travelling from M-Babylon to (upon-) earth ? ;
(12.55 mins) “the type evil is beyond anything you’ve known about”
                              true … – the few things we encountered were but the start …
(13.45 mins) “they have been building the strength [..] for long time” 
                              true – as God has warned in many prophets
(rest of the vid) :
– that she says “tomorrow” simply denotes the feeling of urgency –
    it is not much different wording as ours  ;( …
– the “to destroy humanity” must be understood as “enslaving Jacob” ;
– and the “protective light” is obviously because she had no time
    to become christian , yet — that is totally allright , and as far as our Legal right goes
    we seriously hope she will be part of the 144

in the past 12 hours two of our girls had an evil entity coming to them ,
described as “powerful” and “related to the face” , even as “birdlike” 
and “picking upon the face” ; 
yours truly considers the possibility that it is ‘Horus’ the falcon (see Ezekiel) ,
since he was the first demon to obtain an eden-like body
[and compare the attribute of the 144,000]
but truth is that this theme is unsure until He will tell or show something
[is that why prophets mention “the 144 will ascend from this earth like eagles”..?]

Christ , Sir , you forgive our exhausted souls 
we as 144 are not safe until you will take us … and we try stay on watch 
… but make your decision soon please – before we go down



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