1 october
a peek into Esau’s desired future timeline : ‘pandemic babies’

 … the video was genuine enough to post >> ,
and we wanted to show you what would be
Esau’s timeline of “the graphened body” ,
and especially the horrifying context of that ;
first ,
there are dozens of video’s of babies born
the past month (search in #pandemicbaby)
showing the unnatural physical-motorics
like this newborn sitting up already —
and we know it is graphene-related but
ofcourse we cannot prove each similar case
since the theme is too new and unresearched ;
– watching the vid , the term ‘demon seed’ kept coming up (‘chimera’) ,
here referring to the type physical body we have : for ús it is deadly ,
but who knows if these newborns will have somehow ‘adapted’
or adjusted the graphene (and other materials) within their body…? ;
        this shows again the ancient plan of Mystery-Babylon :
until now , the soul – in this apeframe – at least “had some choice” ,
but she would be completely imprisoned in the new chimera body
in Esau’s desired timeline —
the soul would – like a battery – sustain Mystery-Babylon’s existence
and therefore the evil realm would be able to feed upon Heaven FOREVER

so real was this danger that God says [in Amos] ‘I should destroy this earth’
(read: the adm-souls , and therewith Eden would remain a failed project) ,
for again we stress that the 666-jab was always the plan of the evil realm —
but you acted Sir … in the nick of time



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