1 oktober
posted : CoffinTexts 510 : their axis as ‘bedding for the Nile’
… very readable ; when they invaded Eden (as the goat in Daniel)
they brought with them a construct to create their region north ;

posted : PyramidTexts 581 : about ‘the sons of Ammon’
… also very readable ; 

[therefore] the gods (spirits). hearts. rejoice (=because of created matrix-flesh ; H’Â).       +
[over] the (divine-) Egyptians (reth+). above (=north). ;
[as] the radiating ones (’of white light’) (h’etch). [of] hail. ;                 (=egyptians radiate)
making the divine offerings (=by eden). to descend (=to matrix). ;

Not Any More . Period .



1 oktober
vatican celebrates their 1600 year old bible translation
.. the apostolic letter [1] is difficult to read for reason of much smokescreen ,
but the two great Lies inthere are that prophets point to Christ only ,
and that scripture (including prophets) causes a care for this world .

We say nothing about Jerome — perhaps he was a good soul , 
just living in the chaotic timeframe as the last days of the Roman Empire ,
and – admitted – as a time of christian heresies based upon Eastern concepts .
But the fact that he translated (prophets) in the time the Catholic church 
(as continuation of the emperors) came up , while he was close with the papacy 
makes us ask healthy questions ; 
and apart from these , it is clear that the Judge in his dream wasn’t Christ – 
who supposedly said “you lie ! you are a Cicerionian – not a Christian !” ;
but instead was “Elohim ha-shem” , as Esau’s angel (and church) 
(and combine that with the etymology of Jerome’s name) .

… whatever the reason , it seems us a good idea to legally Cancel his version 
(since we started at this same date as well , two years ago) , as cutting off
that translation as the legal foundation of the RC from her , therewith cutting off
the many poor souls from her (not : cut off the souls ofcourse ! , the contrary !) ,
in order that she has no right anymore to use those same souls against us
in her neverending scheming and her occult Rituals   —
but just as king of the North (=West) having come to her end . 
So be it .




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