1 september
having Legally posted : all Revelation chapters
… now as a solid buildup and containing the proper themes ;
give us a few days for the transition lines of several sections
(especially how ‘the 666 Jab belongs to ‘Satan going to sit upon
his throne’ – during the 7 churches – where the 666 will result
in the definite “having the NAME of the beast”, as being owned ,
for the souls who will NOT choose for God – in later chapters) ;

in other news : see to right
(2 mns ; credit : WorldWar C) :
Fuellmich is one of the few
we still trust, and his opinion
is confirmed by investigator
Ernst Wolff (vids in German) ,
how the past year the ‘elite’
literally plundered everything
because the system is dead now ;
… the closing shot of the video
shows the guy who promised
the “three R-s” : “Response
(=read : to Esau’s Cojona hoax) ,
then Relief (=from the same) ,
then Reset” : and right now we are immediately before the third one ;
in these very days our job has Legally ended … and now it’s your turn ,
for all we can do now is wait for you Sir … – and not get nervous
official UNICEF vid        >>
again supporting that the Jab
was part of Esau’s integral plan :
(the 666 babylon whore)
but that the rest of Revelation
was never meant to happen
(according to Esau , ofcourse)



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