10 augustus
most of earth’s telescopes shut down due to p(l)andemic
… with exemption of 3 (we’re sure tightly controlled) ones ,
all major telescopes have shut down in the period April-May ,
and stay closed for “an indefinite number of months”
… so ,
let’s see whether we were right interpreting the Jeremiah chapters
about ‘hovering clouds’ and ‘the worldtree’ ….

[1], [2]



10 augustus
“2020 dreams” – much discussed on the net
… we’re careful with posting our (occasional) dreams ,
and really twice as careful in posting dreams of óthers
(hence we’re late since the vid is from 22 June) ,
yet it contains enough interesting points >> see to right

(credits in link)

observations :
… already on many blogs runs the (fruitless) discussion “whether it is prophetic or not” :
it’s just a dream , the person realizes that very clearly in the video , end of discussion ;
while for us only the dream counts — not the man’s own interpretation about it ;

the nature of the dream
… is obviously a ‘warning dream’, shown by the repeated “brace yourself (ves)” ;
and indeed in a chapter God tells to Jacob “be strong !” when That Day comes
(it may even have said “gird yourself !” but we’d need to find it back in all chapters) ;
and it is certainly defendable that Jacob would get warning dreams in these days ,
since he never understood what the prophets warned against ;

… as far as we are concerned they can be probable (Jer.51 / log 5 July) ,

… at 5.15 mins : a white figure appeared ; he thinks it represented a positive thing ,
but as far we’re concerned it can be just as well “false light appearing”
(and around September ? , because he left the related event out of that month) ;
… at 7.46 mins he says “I saw no leadership , no sign of president Trump” ,
which reminded us of the latter recently saying “you will not see me a while” [1] ;
… at 7.52 mins he mentions “the previous vultures now became gargoyles
which were attacking people” (the ‘bats’ of log 2 days ago ?) ;

…we must differentiate between dreams for Jacob (like this one)
and the dreams/visions given to the 144,000 in order for them to be collected —
yet about the latter – and about the REAL timeframe – we virtually know Nothing ,
we just hold on to the still valid : “….soon.”




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