10 februari
posted : Is.2 : endtimes (IV) : Adam having made all the matrix needed
(but all will be destroyed during the day of IEUE)

readable , now ;



10 februari
… german MSM ‘die Welt’ officially published that the German
government (in the spring of 2020) had actively enforced institutions
to “create models and slogans to install fear for coJona in the population” ;
(which was ofcourse the command to every Western nation) ;
… we knew about the German fckup backthen , but now it’s “official news” —
as Esau’s greatest Hoax in modern history
(don’t believe it ? – watch Esau’s pigs explaining his strategy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqDCax4QKYM&feature=youtu.be )

do. not. let. nobody. steal. your crown (=corona).



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