10 february
Occult Rituals : the birth sceptre – at the Grammys 2023 + Gucci

… Sam Smith’s main act got much attention 
in parts of Esau’s MSM – and with reason :
it was not as said ‘Satanic’ because of some
hat with horns and much fire around , but the
centerpiece was ‘the sceptre’ — to right ;                 
the overt “red” refers to Esau/Edom having
the sceptre (-still) while he stands in the other
reality – as the magic circle – surrounded by
his type people ; the horned hat is ‘a crown’ 
(as the spiritual power he’s under’) while the
transvestite – this type body – in the cage is 
Jacob upon earth ; the “lyrics” mentioning

father & mother & children are good enough for a ‘birth right’ theme (originally it referred
to phaedophilia , see the ‘Balenciaga’ phrase) ; at the end his people cover him as a
symbolic action to hide the staff — ofcourse the Ritual won’t help Esau but he tries

Gucci launched the ‘2023 cosmogenie campaign’
as a term meaning “the origin of the universe” ;
on the page [2]   feature photos of “the apple” 
and of “the scroll” while the one to right shows
the staff complete with plume (like the hieroglyph
for birth-sceptre AMS) held by a guy standing
upon a Masonic floor (Enoch describes the evil
castle as Mystery-Babylon having this type floor)
in front of a door as portal (sic)    —
if we find other staff Rituals we’ll add them here



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