10 june
… standing outside a church – built somewhere in the 17th century ,
holding a larger large nail to hammer up one of the two doors
because “the storm would start at 5 PM”
(and someone asked “why would you damage this monument” ?) ;
… then being inside the church next to the white plastered wall ,
having drawn on it “where the right gateway should be” ;
strange was that both doorposts were at a slight angle (pyramidwise) ;
neither it was clear if we had to break through the wall or if that would
be done from óutside — but either way it would take a day or so ;

apparently ‘the church’ is “christianity untill now , in this world”,
but the nail is unclear — the ‘final nail in the coffin’ ..? ;
the drawn gate is our way out — as dimensional gate ,
but the ‘5 PM’ can be anything : 5 days .. 5 july … anything …
(‘5’ is also the typical underworld number – glyph T’U or T’A)
– get us out Sir … we’re dirty and tired


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