10 may
posted : short clip as annex in Time Drift page
related to the upcoming full moon this weekend
then ,
posted : Jeremiah 9 [first half now] —
… linked to the 10th plague in ancient egypt ,
we seriously wondered if this Passover can be
the time that Adam will be removed :
this Jer. 9 links him directly to the Tsiun daughter
(the Revelation woman) which is important ,
and even describes the method he designed to
steal her words exact the same way the spells do !
— we just hope and pray that indeed we found all
aspects and you judge him Sir .. this weekend
posted : Jeremiah 9 [complete now]
really – THE most suitable chapter for these very days …

Sir promise that you act this weekend … all you wanted us to find is there …
the watercourse , the Gate , Adam , the Daughter , Egypt , the 7 Torches … all
— can we hope that “trumpets in the 7th month” meant “the start of the understanding
3,5 years ago – and not some far away rather Vague date when you would get us ,
because of lines as “blow you (=144) the trumpet” … ?



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