10 may                                                                                                                                                2 DAYS 
millions are praying against us since may 7th — and millions more by the 28th 
now this may explain some things , https://isaiah62fast.com/ ;
it is a worldwide call “to pray for Jerusalem” which is Esau’s favorite , but the Isaiah 
chapter is about “the daughter of tsiun” – eden – and the subject there is you and we ,
therefore they stole our position ánd our Attribute in order to support Adam ;
their supporting verses are 5-6 as “the millions of believers causing a wall of prayer” 
and indeed that was exactly what happened  the past days : the crystalline prison Wall ;
         the organizing Cult is IHOPKC , “a school for false prophets” using a ‘spirituality’ 
         close to Yoga and TM ; and suddenly at 6 march — áfter our 90 days had started — 
         their idea came to organize these 21 days because “May is a set time by Him” 
         which however resembles very much our “acceptable day” theme …       
yet it is unclear whether their call invoked this ‘wall’ the past days or if it coincided
with it , for it appears that she doesn’t get much coverage and runs through social media ;
yet whatever happened , the wall is from the same source          

         not that we care even it are millions , your Majesty … but what is  concerning is the
         end of this week … for we stand at the border , it is as far as we possibly could come ,
         being rather sure that we understood everything you said
         — which apparently wasn’t the case last December — just before a timeframe making
         absolute Sense … but this is as far we could come : now it would be up to you , please …



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