10 mei
posted : completed : Heb. 13 the two covenants – and Paul’s worry ;
– was so utterly corrupted , it had a gap of 12 lines WITHOUT ANY context ;
yet the now restored version reads very well ,
and fits – as closing – the theme of the previous ones ;

then , looking at the first 3 chapters , we’re almost left without courage :
… these are so crafty and so completely corrupted
that we’re not even sure whether we will be able to retrieve the theme —
Sir , say that it’s enough now , and get us Out ,
we knów it doesn’t depend on having done all those other chapters , also
then , and simply because of the vastness of themes , we saw that
in the ‘7 churches’ page ‘Sardis’ fell out of the top diagram —
however , this will not change the presented overall context ;
we’ll add a note for now , and restore it when time (which there isn’t) ;



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