10 november
it is possible that we (!) need to extend the window –– till Sunday (‘the 20th’)
                                                                                                  as in ‘God likes to be invited’
now we’re in trouble , facing the deep end :
… this ‘Going theme’ really starts becoming a nasty problem , and in spite of having
been so careful , last night was one of utter Disbelief after having gone through
all the motions , right — disbelief … coupled with that Silence (-see below) ;
again please ,
sections of the context of these Fall feasts have been corrupted and we can only
guess the original buildup : Atonement + 1 running week then Booths ? , or even
Atonement at the 20th ushering into one week of Booths (compare Passover) ?
        imagine a puzzle-piece as the 1st and 7th month broken in two of which 
        Passover (14th) + one week Unleavened are the first piece , ushering into
        Atonement (20th/21st of the 7th month) + one week Booths as second half 
        (just the two pieces are separated by 2000 years …) ;  
… there’s only two things we do know : that this HAS to be ‘the third year’ ,
and second that we won’t survive another X months — let alone even longer ;
yes sure , ‘willing to die for’ >> , but just how many times please … ? 

why no answer ?
… that is a mystery – surely God would not
have brought us to here then let us swim ?
yet there are no clear cut texts concerning
this situation ; neither it helps to look at the
many genuine ‘rapture dreams’ (-on YT)
simply because that milk don’t help , while
the group busy with teaching and directed
dreams / ‘words’ became up to 100% False  
… therefore we’re still on our own …
the completed 144

… you agree , right , that whatever opinion or dream etc , it *must* match the scroll ,
or it should be discarded anyway — you know our oftentimes complaint (-to you) 
how we never get to see or hear anything : yet the dream of the 6th can be valueable 
when a closer interpretation is applied :
       the 144 were complete — that’s important and we must hold onto that ;
       but they were praying … perhaps starting the 8-9th : since that timeframe was
       a sort of an open question “to leave – or not” … right ?
       [then there was “the darkness and two feet of snow” but please see below] ;
the above : linked to Haggai ?
… her term – and subject – is “festivity” [and see dream] as the leaving of the 144 ,
and though utterly corrupted the promise is repeated thrice , yet preceded by the 
request “place (-it) on your heart” : set or direct your heart (-to it) — but to whát ?
you see how this *possibly* could link to “the (complete-) 144 praying (-for to go)” 
as an action of them which He possibly would like .. ?
       both chapters contain requests : in Hag. 1 – also heavily corrupted – the request
       for “to go build” (probably ‘in the first year’) , so why would the “set your heart”
       (probably ‘in the 3d year’) be any different ?
       [note how in ch. 2 it writes ‘the 20th of the month’ and compare the above
       possibility of Atonement being the 20th – eventhough it’s unclear whát month
       since obviously Esau hussled the dates : yet ‘a 20th’ remained …] ;
       while line 19 “is the seed in the barn” is his same nonsense ofcourse but he did
       see ‘some type completion’ — which can hardly be anything else than the 144 …
the ‘one heart’
… if you think about it : Paul (but Christ ofcourse) wrote to his people that in spite
of their trouble they were requested “to pray for the souls in the endtimes so that 
those would understand the (corrupted-) scroll” , 
and in this light a similar request to us – as 144 – is not too strange … is it ?
it may also be that , because the 144 were only recently completed , it is that prayer
that will make ‘one heart’ – as attribute or sealing , so to speak : and it is possible 
that in a way this would be an important aspect to God ;
      the content of the prayer is not described — perhaps not so much ‘for Jacob’ 
      but merely to please get out because that is the only solution fór Jacob , right

the Crystalline
… this “darkness and two feet of snow” ;
though it is ofcourse ‘coldness’, the snow
represents the crystalline (-consciousness)
dubbed Christ-consciousness or 144 grid :
False light as a hostile silent white fog 
or glue surrounding the soul [-or the small 
awareness that is left of her] by which she 

cannot move nor speak nor hear – and this is already going on for some days now ;
what failed to show up in previous log was how a number of ‘endtime YT-bers’
deceived souls by (unknowingly-) promoting – bý this same false light – this light
by strengthening the corrupt root chakra as the fortress óf this light under the 
guise of an ‘eclipse moon event’ (see the Bindu-chakra pic posted at last log) ;
       that danger is over now because the 144 are IN – safe inside the house ,
       however the question is why this crystalline keeps on pushing so hard :
       is it allowed to do so ? 
       you decide please Sir whether the colour of all the above is true    —
       it is not stretching things and said of good intent and hope ;
       then support your other servants a bit more these days cause this one’s tired  



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