10 october
one weekend attending family business
needs an entire day to submerge again ;
the type interaction as the dynamics with 
loved ones is good ofcourse – save that
they are [sómewhat-] receptable for the 
concept of eden — or it feels like attending
some witches’ sabbath (where everyone

is just wearing masks and is pretending – you’ll understand) ;
but the net result is this same veil of laziness that you can feel coming over you :
and no it is not their ‘mistake’ ofcourse , far from that , yet even that indeed belongs 
to the DeepSleep Veil that is over all of the people these days … it is f*kn akin to the
times of the early Polar expeditions where they had to awaken eachother at regular
intervals or they would freeze to death …
— this is your and our job : walking backwards to can go forwards , closing our eyes 
while listening to what is true in order to have directions where to go ,
and we did so well the past years ;  
we’ll try do some more chapters the next two weeks ; promise you help all of us 144



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