10 october
two themed log : ‘the falcon’ — and ‘the feast of Trumpets’ (the 15th?)

we were justified in hunting this theme : see second half of Ez. 19 :
“.. the rod (=stalk?) was planted at yonder side (=the matrix) ,
and the staff (=the fire-column) is shooting fire (=’at eden’) ” ;
now ,
Esau mutilated chapters 16 , 17 and 18 and swapped themes —
one main theme is about “the eden-mother” , a birth-construct ,
see first half of chapter 19 : likely HALF of ch. 16 belongs to that ;
— but if you look at the first half of Ezekiel 17 ,
you see the same phrasings about “the twig planted at many waters”,
meaning ch. 17 first half must be followed by ch. 19 second half !
so far ,
the ‘(stolen fire-pillar) destroying eden’ fits – see previous blog ;
in Ez. 17 is “the long winged , full pinioned bird taking a stalk”, right ,
Rg-Veda IV chant 26 : “the fleet-winged , strong pinioned Falcon” ! ;
adding “bearing the stalk , [..] brought from afar (=from eden) ”

it is undoubtedly the same theme – but “what (-concept)” is this ‘falcon’ ? ;
Rg-veda links this stalk to ‘soma’ , where the latter is ‘fluid eden-life’ ,
so the tree where he takes it from [in Ez.] must be “from the eden-tree” ;
more bizarre – when tracing the root of the words , it appears from Rg-Veda
that this falcon is either “a defected eden-concept” or “a stolen one” ,
tó which the stolen firepillar-concept was grounded upon ;
but we still fail to come up with any workable concept concerning this ‘falcon’
sómething is wrong with the line-up or dating of the seven OT-feasts

… and no we don’t pose this out of some stubbornness or anything –
remember we only have 2 places in OT addressing these feasts
and Esau can have corrupted the dating :
– why use the weird number ’10’ (‘Atonement on the 10th day of the 7th’)
when spring feasts use “7” , and even Tabernacles uses “7 (+1)” ?
(old-hebrew : ’10’ is -eshr , ‘7’ is -shba ; so , very close roots) ;
– why Pentecost “starts at the full moon” and Trumpets “at new moon” ?
(in Spells , the “half-moon (-month)” , as ‘new moon’ , is eden’s)
– is it LOGICAL
that “the new year” starts at Trumpets – being the last three feasts ?
… would not , instead ,
rather Péntecost be the start of the new year (‘as eden dimension’)
because that was the day “the dimensional Veil was torn” ,
for only the Son could start the restored eden-dimension ,
and therefore , the feast should have started at the new moon …?

you understand our ponderings please … – what if Trumpets is ‘the full moon’ ? ,
then 7 days to Atonement (‘tribulation’) and 7 days to Booths (‘eden restored’) ;
so that the eden-dimension will have been restored at the (eden-) new moon :
would that not make much more Sense … ? ;
therefore , instead ,
we’re inclined to watch the 20-21 October (‘hunter’!-) full moon ….

… nowhere is said that this day is called ‘Rosh Hashanah’
(the -ha gives away that Esau made up that name) ,
and the basic buildup considered spring equinox wouldn’t change
(if Passover started with a new moon) ;
besides : why say ‘…in the 7th month’ – then start a new year…?



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