10 september
posted: Hos. 14 “the end of Ephraim : IF you tell what I spoke”
(closing chapter)
… all 14 Hosea chapters were a storm (like the Jeremiah ones) ,
with the same ongoing theme about ‘our present body’
(which is a medieval horsecart compared to a Ferarri) ;

– though indeed the chapters need be read in sequence ,
our posting differs a couple of days
because parts of some chapters refuse to run ,
eventhough we are sure that the overall interpretation is 100 %



10 september          [site issue]
UPD : attack on site stopped and damage restored ;
hat tip to Maria

10 september
… spotted a quote from some reverend today ,
about the link from this earth with the increasing population of Heaven :
“..if there wouldn’t be born people            [read: on earth]
they neither could become born-again”   [read: to populate Heaven]

* heartache *



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