11 augustus
… i had called in into a radio show of a certain popular host
(who represents the masculine attribute) , but now that his show
had ended I felt i needed to apologize for taking up too much time ;
so I went to the man’s home yet he didn’t seem to be present —
only a sleazy criminal type guy was sitting in his half dark living room

the scene changed ,
I was now somehow owner (?) of that (same) masculine estate ,
and an unknown German guy was just in the act of bribing me —
he asked me to fill in his forms “that corona cases were rampant here” ,
but I replied him ‘if anything I will not do , it is to support that hoax’

… then the guy had left (with his money ?) ,
I followed him downhill driving a slow motorcycle , but lost him ,
and entered the city (which in dreams is always Mystery-Babylon) ;
then picked one of the half dark sleazy stores to buy some drinks —
there were still 4 (?) sleazy younger clients in front of me ,
when purposely saliva of someone talking dripped on my face ,
and it was from one sleezy guy who had put his arm around me ,
and of whom I couldn’t get rid of because he was very ….flexible ?
— when I started considering violence , the scene changed

… in a car on the square facing the store sat an influential older male
and he had seen it all ; asking his daughter (?) if it was not the same
situation as how they lost their (son?, daughter?) ,
and this particular son/daughter appeared for a moment in the backseat ;
he gave his card may I’d need any of his help , and I returned him mine

the radioshow having ended must be “the given time for the Judah candidates has ended”,
and … apparently there is no clear candidate for that attribute (?) ,
or “the person representing that attribute is still spelled” (the German wanting to bribe) ? ;
— the 4 (?) locals as – hopefully – “a couple of weeks still”
(they were girls , compare Egyptian time-goddesses , + the waiting concept) ;
the salivating type as the masculine attribute “speech”, still owned by them spirits ;
and the older male as “the authoritative masculine attribute before it fell”



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