(#11) Is. 17+18: Damascus
 as the (matrix-) gate that also
  ‘feeds’ this earth : [6th Seal:]
 the Nile to it is closed off and
 Adam dies while the flesh of 
Jacob waxes lean ; [Trumpets:]
  the 200 million army arrives

[final version ; 2022-09sept.28]

contents of this page :
do please see the short chapter buildup in ‘theme’
[and eventually the following ‘description of the gate theme’] ;
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                                                               as a complex one
             … like eden had (and will have) her gate – namely the throneroom of God ,
             the matrix made hér gate : as a copy of the eden one ,
             where this matrix gate is also called “the image of jealousy” in Ezekiel ;
             first – in short – the buildup of this chapter , followed by ‘the gate concept’ :
             part I :
             the fall of the matrix gate announced ;
             part II :
             the gate will break down over time : starting at ‘the 6th Seal’ as these days ;
             because an aspect of the gate is physicality , the ‘quality’ of the type body
             that people have on earth will deteriorate : but so will the physical quality of the 
             body of Adam ánd that of the spirits — after which the latter will murder Adam ;
             part III :
             the matrix gate is destroyed — compare the ‘Apollo’ theme in Revelation ,
             and the wrathful army of demons arrives at this earth 
the ‘gate’ (-theme) : as dimensional ruling centre :
… for us the concept of “the evil realm versus the heavenly realm” is a difficult concept
as soon it has to leave the abstract ideas of our mind and will have to manifest in a
possible concrete reality : the dominion of eden over the evil realm was achieved 
by God having placed a kind of “dimensional (eden-) anchor” in the dualistic realm :
this ‘anchor’ was the eden gate — and more specific : the cornerstone of the gate ;
and it was for this reason that the matrix , helped by Adam , 
created her own gate as her ruling centre – therewith subjugating the eden realm

chapter buildup and themes 
… considered this chapter (-and others) :
a) Adam made the matrix gate and dwells there :
     though ofcourse we are dependent upon the corrupted text ,
     it is virtually undeniable in the restored context that he indeed made it ;
     in other prophets ‘Damascus’ is termed ‘Tehpanhes’ as ‘the Egyptian situation’
     since in prophecy Egypt refers to the matrix region north of eden ;
b) the Nile :
     a made construct ‘stealing the eden waters from the (eden-) gate’ and bringing
     them to the matrix North ; though these waters are used by the evil realm for
     different aspects the topic of this chapter is “for the staffs of bread” , see below ; 
     Adam must also have made this river and “the Dragon that made the river”
     in Ezekiel probably should read ‘Adam’ ;
c) the matrix gate ‘sending life’ to earth :
     we do not know how this would function technically but we can adhere it
     as workable concept : important to understand is that this is no ‘pure eden life’
     but a very polluted version of it , like a mixture — 
     in this chapter “the stream of ‘life’ to earth stops” : affecting ‘physicality’ ,
     yet it is difficult to make up whether this ‘life’ directly influences the body
     or/and via the foodchain upon earth especially related to crops of every kind ;
     in our opinion it also may contain ‘aspects for the soul’ but because this chapter
     does not address that aspect we leave it for now ; 

d) the ‘staffs of bread’ :
     also mentioned in other prophet chapters
     and see the many Egyptian Spells (in index)
     where we still fight with this weird theme   —
     because the entire matrix-gate is a copy ,
     the evil realm ‘had to bring in théir concepts’ 
     and one of these is “the boat of Neper” to right :
     Neper is ‘the grain god’ and both trees are
     actually ‘grain and spelt’ related to physicality ,
     where the spelt contains more ‘eden qualities’
     (and see textual notes , below) ;

subthemes :
e) ‘the bar’ of Damascus :
     this bar is actually “the tried cornerstone” which the matrix stole
     as originally “the sea of glass of the throne room (-as eden gate)” ;     
     the stone was also mentioned in previous Isaiah 14 – as ‘the hand’ 
     and therefore we opted that the term ‘bar’ was part of line 1 , per Amos 1:5 ;
     the stone , termed SET , is often the subject in Spells and though he must be
     part of (?) the matrix gate it is difficult to understand the details of this theme ;
f) timeline : Seals and Trumpets :
     tricky :
     in part III “the demon armies come to earth” and even “a trumpetblast” is mentioned ,
     where this may be the timeframe when the matrix gate ultimately collapses ;
     however “the leanness of the flesh of Jacob” indicates an earlier event
     and context suggests that the first blows to their gate start with the 6th seal :
     the “sun going dark” as a cosmic event fits the Damascus theme while right after
     the four horses – of which one is ‘famine’, see above – start to ride ;
     you understand please that it is imperative to have sóme idea about the timeframe ,
     otherwise it is impossible to find Esau’s cut & pasted sections ;

                                                  falsification (-of 17+18)           
                                                                (after translation)
… in spite of the difficult theme the chapter became very readable : her buildup
appears logical , the aspects are not overdone and the correlations seem correct ;
concerning several restored concepts see next :
textual :
(line 2) ‘gate of the Assyrian’ :
eventually may read “of Assyria” which is “the lower matrix region” where the gate is ;
(line 4) ‘all of this will start to happen’ :
God never uses the term “to begin” but we need it to show the sections in the text ;
(line 6) ‘the two olive trees’ :
until now we only found this concept in the book Zecheriah , where both trees may
represent the same concept as “the both cherubim upon the Ark” 
[please also see Paul’s letter – in index – where he speaks about this theme] ,
where both cherubim can be “the male and female Original” (by God created beings) ;
in this way it makes sense that the waters to them are stolen and are now feeding 
the matrix ‘staffs of bread’ which support the mátrix-type physicality ;
(line 10) ‘calculated the possibility’ :
after the promise that the waters will be cut off , context almost demands a cause :
and compare chapter 14 how “his rule ending when we understand the scroll” is linked ;
(line 13) ‘pursued’ :
in another chapter is said how “clouds of death will enter his palace” — 
the descriptions do not matter that much because consistently ‘he is slain by spirits’ ;
[part III]
(line 7) ‘wrath because of the fallen gate’ :
this is tricky : in all of prophets is said “that the demons ALWAYS searched to invade
and rule earth” , but then likely in the sense of “totally subjugating Jacob” 
(as Ze Reset is trying these days) , not as ‘killing Jacob’ ; the reason seems plausible
but is directly connected to God’s plan of having all the souls back in eden ;
(line 5) ‘the recompense’ :
as a theme that has been totally overlooked : in several prophets (and also in the later
Isaiah chapters) the soul is asked “to pay” : in the same way that Christ paid , and the
144 now pay concerning their death to the flesh , also Jacob is asked to pay  —
in the sense that the horrible time of the Tribulation will make many to rediscover
their core – as their soul , hence the line describes “the perfect bud” ;
(line 5) ‘flesh cut off’ :
we always hesitate at this … draconian theme — but because the context of this chapter
is ‘the physical aspect’ we had no other choice as try restore it as good as possible ;   
corruptions : grave (especially ch.18) in an already very difficult theme 
theme  : context 100% restored , syntax >80% 
fulltext : below

Isaiah 17+18
fulltext :
the burden [‘an unresolved problem’] that is Damascus [‘matrix-gate’] ;
behold ! , I will remove the bar (‘stolen cornerstone’) of Damascus 
and she will become the fallen place ;                                                                                        [Am.1:5]
for I will hack down        +                                                                     [‘like a peg’, in other prophets]
the gate of the Assyrian (‘Adam’)         
when I will rescue the (corner-) stone         +
and stretch it out above the nations (‘of spirits’) ;                                                     [<< see ch.14]
and when the fortress of the (matrix-) land has ceased ,
as their dominion by means of Damascus ,
which is the gate of the nations (‘of spirits’) ;
then the glorious gate of          +                                                                                          [<< eden gate]
my people (eden-) Ishral will become to be ,
as the sanctuary of IEUE of hosts ;                                                     [<< Throne room ; see Rev.]
4                                                                                                             [part II : the start – at the 6th seal :]
and all of this will start to happen           +
in the day that the (physical-) glory of Jacob will be brought low ,
as the fatness of his flesh that will be made lean ;
and it will occur because there will be no reaping of the standing grain           +
which feeds the land of Jacob ,                                                                     [‘land of Jacob’ in ch.18]
through the (matrix-) staffs of bread            + 
that became to be at the gate (?) of Damascus ;                                                                [see intro] 
6                                                                                                                                                        [6: best option :]
for they steal their fruitfulness                                                                                       [‘steal’ : line 14] 
from the two olive trees       +
(that stand-) at the gate of my people ,                                                                                    
[<< line 3]
by robbing their (‘trees’) (eden-) waters         +
through the river (‘Nile’) leading to the gate of Damascus ; 

for the river which the adm-man has made         +
also sustains his own (physical-) glory                                                       [nations will be furious]
and the pomp of the nations (‘of spirits’) ; 
but when the river as the work of his hands
to the gate which his fingers have made will fáil ,
then his own (physical-) pomp          +
and that of the nations (‘of spirits’) will be brought low ;                                          [see line 4 !] 
for in that day ,                                        
his gate as the (matrix-) stronghold will dry up (?) ,
as being forsaken of the waters of (eden-) life ;
because I will cut them off ,
and they will not anymore go forth        +
from the gate of my people (eden-) Ishral
so that she is desolate (‘the eden gate’) ;                                                             [next : the reason :]
he (‘Adam’) never calculated (-the possibility)          + 
that the sons of Ishral [‘144’] would understand the scroll of my words        +
which the sons of Ammon would change ;
so that he would forever rejoice in his stronghold (‘gate’) ;
but in the day of their understanding 
I will cut off the waters that come to his (?) staffs of bread ,
and the harvest of them will cease ;
as the day of his incurable pain :                                                                                [next : he is slain :]
woe ! to the adm-man ,
when the nations (‘of spirits’) will find out that the waters will have stopped , 
as the stolen (?) waters of that also supported thém ;
because there will be an uproar among the people (‘spirits’) 
and they will be wrathful against him because of the lack of waters , 
and they will rebuke the adm-man , and he will flee far away ;
but he will be pursued as chaff going in front of the wind ,
as tumbleweed in front of a whirlwind ; 
in the time of the evening       +                                                                [<< or: ‘at noon’ , 6th seal ?]
the dreadful event for him will happen ,
and behold ! , before the morning he will not be :
this is the portion of the one that has robbed us ,
as the fate of the one that has plundered us ;                                                                       [part III :] 
[Is. 18 :]                                                                                                            [compare 5th & 6th Trumpet]
and woe ! to the land (‘earth’) of the house of Jacob
when the gate of Damascus will have been destroyed ;

for it will send his (Jacob’s) enemies across the sea (‘matrix-dimension’)
as the instruments (?) of wrath (?)           +
upon the surface of land (‘earth’) ; 
and all the inhabitants of the world ,
as the ones dwelling upon the land will see them , 
when they will hear the sound of the trumpet ;                                                                              [sic]
                                                                                                                                                     [7 is same as 2b :]
for in that time ,
the judgment of IEUE of hosts will be brought over the people        +
that will have been left behind upon the land (‘earth’) ,
because the many kings (!) will come against them ,       +
that are the terrifying people from beyond [or: ‘of old’] ;
and the foreign nation will trample Jacob ,       +
7c/2c                                                                                                           [probable reason but see intro :]
     as their wrath upon them         +
       because of the fallen (?) gate (?) of Damascus (?) ;

but , thus says IEUE :
I will save the souls of my people (‘Jacob’)                                                                              [closing :]
after     +                                                                                                                                           [+ 6x invented]
they will have sworn (-allegiance) to IEUE of hosts ;
because before the harvest (!) the bud will have become perfect ,
as their soul that will have paid recompense                                                                [<< see intro]
       and will have become a blossom (?) ;
and when her (‘soul’) flesh        +
will have been cut off from her by the foreign nation (‘of spirits’) ,
as her iniquity (‘the body’) that will have been removed from her ;         +
I will bring them to my mountain (‘tsiun’)
and they will dwell upon their own land (‘eden’) ,
       (‘and no one will make them afraid anymore’) (?) .

Isaiah 17+18
the burden (‘unresolved problem’) – (being-) Damascus (‘matrix-gate’) ;
[lineup :]
behold ! , [+I] (will) remove – [..] the city=bar (ior=br) of – Damascus                  [Am. 1:5]
and she (will) become – the fallen – heap=place ; 

[+for] [+I] (will) loosen=hack down     +                                     [‘like a peg’, in other prophets]
the city=gate of the – aroer=Assyrian (‘Adam’)                                    [or ‘of Assyria’, see intro]
for=when – they=I (will) become=rescue – the flocks=(corner-) stone
and stretch (-it out)  [<< see ch. 14 but different term used here as deflection]
[..] no=above – the afraid=nations (‘of spirits’) (mchrid=guim) ; 

and [+when] – the fortress of – [..] the (matrix-) ephraim=land – (has) ceased ,
[=as] [+their] dominion – from=by (-means of) Damascus ,
and=which (is) the remnant=gate (shrith=shor) of – the aram=nations (‘of spirits’) (arm=guim) ;
[w/ swapped 2x :]
as=then (k=ki) the glorious – [+gate] of       +                                                                 [eden gate]
[+my] sons=people – (eden-) Ishral – (will) become to be ,
[+as] the declaration=sanctuary (nam=mqdash) of – IEUE of – hosts ;

                                                             part II
                                 the start of this : at the 6th seal
and – [..] day=all of – this – (will) (start to-) happen
[+in the day] (that-) the (physical-) glory of – Jacob – (will be) brought low ,
[=as] the fatness of – his – flesh – (that will be) made lean ;

[next : very very tricky : we need a solid reason now :]
and it (will) occur – as=because gather=there-(will be)-no (iasph=ain !)
reaping of – the standing grain       +
b                                                                                                                           [b: ‘land of Jacob’ is in ch.18 !]
and=which arm=feeds (zra=raa !) – the spikes=land of – reaping=Jacob (iqtsr=iaqb !) ,
[=through] – [..] the (matrix-) gathered=staffs (mlkth=mtth !) of – spikes=bread (shblth=lchm)
(that) became to be – in=at the valley=gate (?) of – rephaim=Damascus ;     [see intro] 

[next line 6 must be totally corrupt :
please see “olive tree + two” and how tempting it is to restore ‘the two olive trees’ 
(see intro) , or the “three” : as in “this will last three years (‘two’ -shnim = ‘year’-shna ?) :] 
next problem : we need an intro to ‘Adam’ here in line 6 :]
[option A :]
[..] the gleanings=adm-man (?) – remains=copied (?) (shr=mshne !) – [..] him=them
[+from] the two (adj.) – olive trees
[+at] (?) the three=gate (shlshe=shor) of      +
[+my] berries=people (grgrim=omim) (line 3 ! while -grgr is a nonsense root)
[next : virtually Impossible 6x ; hence the above theme must be wrong …]
[option B :]

[passive form : (and-fruitfulness-of >> them they-are-stealing) ..?:]
[=for] – [+they] gleanings=steal (? line 14) – [..] him=their – remains=fruitfulness (KJV b) 
[+from] the two (adj.) – olive trees
(that stand-) [+at] (?) the three=gate (shlshe=shor) of      +
[+my] berries=people (grgrim=omim) (line 3 ! while -grgr is a nonsense root)
[sigh :]
in=by top=robbing (line 14) – [+their] (eden-) tip=waters (amir=amim line 9)
[+through] the four=river (‘Nile’) (arbo=nri Is.18)
five=leading (?) (chmshe=ashr) – in=to the forks=gate (soph=shor) of
fruitful=Damascus ;       + 

[lineup :]
in=for the day=river (ium=nri) – [..] see=which (ishoe=ashr)
[..] the adm-man – [..] (has) made 
and=also – see=sustains (?) – his (-own) (physical-) eyes=glory
[+and] (?) the holy=pomp of – the ishral=nations (‘of spirits’) 

and=but – not=when – [..] the altars=river – [+as] the work of – his hands
and [+the gate] which – his fingers – (have) made – (will) see=fail ,
not=then – [..] [+his] (physical-) groves=pomp
and (that of-) the images=nations (‘of spirits’) – (will be) brought low ;
                  [line 4] 
[next : the cutting-off of the (eden-) waters :]
[=for] in – that – day ,                                        
[+his] cities=gate – [+as] the (matrix-) stronghold – (will) be=dry up (?) ,
as (being) forsaken of – [+the waters of] – (eden-) plowland=life (chrsh=chi !) ;
and=because [+I] (will) branch=cut (amir=krth) [+them] off ,
[+and] they (will) – which=not (ashr=la) (-anymore) – forsook=go forth
from the face=gate (phni=shor) of – [+my] sons=people – (eden-) Ishral
and=so that she is – desolate (‘the eden gate’) ; 

[next : the reason :]
[even we believed ‘planting the high plant’ – as Vector to their gate ;
but that theme isn’t maintainable now ;]
[=he] (‘Adam’) – not=never – remembered=calculated (-the possibility)        + 
that – the deity=sons of – salvation=Ishral (isho=ishrl) [‘144’]                            [<< 2-Tier]
(would) forget=understand       +
[..] the rock=scroll (tsur=sphr) of – you=my stronghold=words (moz=dbr) 
therefore=which – the plants=sons of – pleasant=Ammon (nomnim=ammn !)
(would) plant=change ;
and=so that – [=he] (would) – alien=forever (?) – sow=rejoice
[+in] [+his] slip=stronghold (‘gate’) (zmrth=moz see KJV b) ;

[+but] in the day of – you=their planting=understanding (nto=bin)
you=I (will) grow=cut off – [..] the and=waters
(that-) morning=come (bqr=bo)     +
[+to] [+his] (?) seed=staffs of – flourish=bread (thphrich=lchm) ,
[+and] the harvest [+of them] – (will) heap=cease ;
[=as] the day of – [+his] incurable – pain ;

next : the spirits get furious at Adam — and slay him :
[next 12-13 : ‘rushing like many waters’ is twice ;
they must find out now ‘that the waters have stopped’ :
12 must indicate how the nations lived upon it , 13 how it stopped :]
[attempt :]
woe ! – (to-) the multitude=adm-man (emun=adm !)
[..1x..] – many=when (rbim=ki) – the seas=nations (‘of sprits’) (imim=guim !)
[..1x..] – (will) noise=find out (?) – [+that]
the folkstems=waters (lamim=imim) – [..] (will have) rushing=stopped , 
as [..1x..] – the many=stolen (?) – waters of – (that) (-also) (?) rushing=supported (?) [+thém] ;
[attempt ; lineup :]
[+because] (there will be-) an uproar – (-among) the people (‘spirits’) 
[+and] they (will be) uproar=wrathful (?) [+against] him
[+because of] the many=lack of – waters , 
and [=they] (will) rebuke – the in=adm-man (b=adm)
and he (will) flee – far away ;
[=but] he (will be) pursued – as chaff – [=going] – in front of – the wind ,
[..] as tumbleweed – in front of – (a-) whirlwind ; 

in the time of – the evening       +                                                         [<< or: ‘at noon’ , 6th seal ?]
the dreadful event [+for him] (-will happen) ,
and behold ! , before – the morning (‘evening’?) – he-(will)-not-(be) :
this (is) – the portion of – the one (that has) robbed us ,
[=as] the fate of – the one (that has) plundered us ; 

                                                               part III
                        [compare Revelation 5th and 6th Trumpet :]
[because – in spite of the heavy corruption – the theme seems to be
that the earth is invaded by the demon army , we suspect that the matrix gate
will have ceased at this point :]
[Is. 18 :]   [but utterly corrupted :]
[attempt :]
[+and] woe ! – (to-) the land of – the cicada=house of – wings=Jacob
which=when – [..] the river=gate (nri=shr) of – cush=Damascus
(will have been) across=destroyed (?) (obr=shbr) ;


[+for] (it will) send – [+his] (Jacob’s) agents=enemies (?) (tsir=tsir)
in=across (b=obr) the sea (‘matrix-dimension’)
[next : a destination is needed ;
and if “instruments of wrath” – elsewhere used – then we need 7 next :]
[=as] [..] the vessels=instruments (?) (kli=kli) of – papyrus=wrath (?)
[=upon] – the surface of – the waters=land (‘earth’) ; 
[+and] all – the inhabitants of – the world ,
[=as] the ones dwelling – [+upon] the land (‘earth’) – [..1x..] – (will) see – banner=them , 
[=when] – [=they] (will) hear – the sound of – the trumpet ;                                               [sic]

7                                                                                                                                      [7 is same as 2b :]
[+for] in – that – time
the fift=judgment (?) (shi=mshpht) of – [..] IEUE of – hosts
(will be) brought – [+over] the people      +
(that will have been) longlimbed=left behind (?)    +
and=upon – the smoothskinned=land (‘earth’) (murt=arts) ,
[+because] the swift=many (qlim=rbim !) messengers=kings (mlk=mlk)     +
(will) come (but not -oli) – to=against – nation=them ,
[=that] (are) [..] the – terrifying – people – [..] from beyond [or: ‘of old’] ;
[+and] the measuringtape=foreign – nation      +
(will) trample – measuringtape=Jacob (qu=iaqb !)      +
[now a (probable-) reason is required — but was completely corrupt :]  [but see intro :]
       who=as – [+their] plunder=wrath [+upon them]
       [+because of] the land=fallen (?) – river=gate (?) (nri=shr) of 
       [..] – place=Damascus (?) (mqum=dmshq) ;

[totally corrupted : a positive closing should follow :]
[=but] , thus – says – IEUE :
I (will) quiet=save (shqt=iash) – [..] the site=souls of – [..] [+my] look=people
[..] warmth=after (chm=achr)     +                           [rest of line seems completely invented]
[+they] (will have) name=sworn (-allegiance) – [+to] IEUE of – hosts – [..2x..] ;
because – before – the harvest – the bud – (will have become) perfect ,
and=as [+their] unripe=soul (bsr=nephesh ; elsewhere -bshr)
(that will have) paid recompense                                                                                   [see intro]
       [+and] (will have) become – a blossom (?) ;

and [+when] (?) – [+her] (‘soul’) sprigs=flesh – (will have been) cut off [+from her]
in=by the pruninghooks=foreign [+nation] (‘of spirits’) ,
and=as [+her] twigs=iniquity (‘the body’) (?)
(that will have been) removed – [+from] lopped=her ;
they=I (will) left=bring – together=them – to [..1x..] – [+my] mountain (‘tsiun’)
and – [..] he=they (will) summer=dwell      +
[..] to=upon [..1x..] – [+their] (-own) land (‘eden’) [..] ,
       [6x totally corrupt : an endline like ch. 17:2 (which was corrupt there) ? :]
       (‘and no one will make them afraid anymore’) (?) .