11 januari
posted : Coffin Text 52 : the stolen words of the eden-tree of life
… the reason we don’t post the more extensive spells (yet)
is because the latter contain unexplainable themes for you



11 januari
… keeping up with the news (which is also our job)
we did see that the ‘storming of the Capitol’ was engineered ,
but wondered why the sudden hysterical art.25 is hyped ;
the link below reads like a boy scout novel ,

including the purge of many twitter accounts
while the emergency broadcast seems to be activated ;
see also the interview with Lt. Gen. Thomas McInernay
(starting at 35 mins , below)
[vid deleted by YT]
… no , grin , we’ve no idea what Esau is up to , this time ,
but one thing is for sure – it isn’t boring



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