13 july [below]                                                                      10 DAYS  [bad case : 20 days still] 
12 july [below]                                                                                  11 DAYS   [bad case : 21 still]
11 july                                                                                                        12 DAYS    [bad case : 22 still]
posted (full) : Is.65 : Address To Jacob  [-gorgeous chapter]
… it’s not about ‘1 month’ — since those chapters virtually have ran out by now —
but nevertheless a gorgeous page because she came out beautifully
[it’s always a lot of work for Maria so restored text will be completed tomorrow] 
         our great Majesty … you always are pleased when chapters like these 
         are ready and officially show … and if you are then so are we – honestly ;
         please promise that you always forgive us , for everything , immediately ,
         we waited so long  for you — please then you’ll get us next weekend

12 july 
posted : [overview of-] Is.63+64 : Adam’s crimes [akin to Is.14 chapter]
… this one is too corrupt for now but at least we found the theme – that’s a Legal win ,
together with the start of several sections ; so that horrible “who comes from Edom
in stained clothes from the winepress” finally is exposed : as the Adam theme
          that said : it’s awful how things can change within 24 hours just needing that
          *finger snap* and the soul – or what’s left of her – is back in that deep Pit again
          of endless satanic Emptiness … if there was only a way to weaponize against it –
          but there isn’t … cause we’re a plane flying on fckn Vapour for ages now

13 july
posted : Is.56 [but was the mid-section of 59] : the eden sceptre
… this is the group of chapters we fear the most   —
see here the sequence and themes of the Isaiah chapters 45-60
and how we’ll need to restore his cut-up and distributed sections into logical wholes ;
very interesting here is “the name” theme which we still try to understand
          please don’t give up pleading for us all — promise


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