11 june
posted : Daniel 12 : important
… please see how the ’40 days’ concept makes Sense after ch. 11
… so it has sunk in somewhat .. but leaving a knot in the stomach ,
over and over pondering the same things .. – yes we are 3,5 years in ,
yes it seems we’re halfway the 70th week … yes it appears that the
understanding is the turning point … but was He really that specific ?
and not giving dreams about the date for it was there all the time ?
and is the Time Drift correct then ? really – this month ?
25 june
 tired of having to be silent
I will tell you please ;
how souls get to you – in an illegal way or not – is not my business ,
and whether they but think they got to you is neither my business ;
all that the soul — or whatever is left of her — knows is that you are 
an inaccessible fortress upon a high mountain having protected
yourself with an huge mine field surrounding it ;
… you said to her , come to visit me ,
so she crossed the minefield — all your distorted words —
but ever since , she destroys herself — or whatever is left of her —
constantly against that iron wall surrounding you
and no way out , no progress , a stalemate , day after day
… smashing herself — it has no sense to be angry on you , 
hurt because of you , silent because of you , smashing herself
— or whatever is left of her — against that wall of endless silence

she so hoped you could open the gate to your castle past December
because of the ‘3 years’ theme she found — but you refused ; 
she thought she probably misunderstood and searched for a better
understanding — yet these days your gate is more solidly closed as ever ,
mocking and taunting her , letting her die of thirst outside your walls

please see how impossible this situation is
why have you made the soul — or whatever is left of her —
if her value is nothing more as an entity dying outside your doorstep ..?
whatever happened to the ‘deity and soul’ relation ?
how is it possible your gate is shut after having crossed the minefield ,
as the very thing you asked — and now be murderous towards us ?
is it because you want her to feel what you felt :
keeping on talking to an entity – souls in this case – refusing to hear ?
reaching out constantly to them but they refused to be attent to you ?
is that what this is about .. ?
hence you let her die outside your walls by refusing to speak ?

how deeply cruel is this situation … how deeply cruel …
and this burning heartache which isn’t possible cause the heart has
died long time ago .. endlessly circumventing the same impossible theme ..
— you said we are sons
and a relation of a deity with a humbled soul – of which , looking around ,
there are very few – is certainly possible : but not with a destroyed soul
… what would you want with an entity like the latter ? what’s to share ?
what to love ? – you don’t even need to make effort :
that soul will destroy itself by constantly running against your iron wall ..
so that ’the sons’ you desired will be nothing more but restored robots
executing your will not because they loved you but they had no other choice :
all because of your iron silence …

in your world and in your opinion you do see the past
and all our silly mistakes , as you said “when you were an untamed ox” ,
but then , if you guided us through that mine field – which only a tamed ox
can do – why would you destroy the ox itself .. ?
why would you have sons who are nothing but robots ? who would be the
proof that you rescued what belongs to you if it’s all destroyed ?
no it’s not that you are on trial here… and you know it’s not meant like that ;
I heared your voice like hundred tornados long time ago …. – it is all written
out of hurt … of not understanding what you are doing … of not understanding
why apparently even listening to you attentively and restoring what you said
results in the soul — or whatever is left of her — dying outside your walls

well at least she made a serious run for you
didn’t she

24 june
nothing indicates that anything will happen … nothing …
– the hours proceed slower than a snail … the only contact
with you isn’t even by the soul cause she got buried months ago
or who the hell knows what has happened to her
but still is that small spark inside what is about to die as well :
apart from the horrorscenario of you not acting and leaving us
downhere for who knows how long still , the second one
is also impossible — restore something what isn’t there anymore

22 june [AM]
to not be sloppy — the fullmoon (’the 15th’)
technically appeared June 14 , so ’the 24th’
would start tomorrow the 23rd at sundown ;
however , if the type counting of “spotting
the moon the next day” is valid then it could
be extended until sundown this Saturday ;
then ,
we tend to think that this year’s RCC’s feastday “the sacred heart of jesus”
not coincidentally will occur this Friday the 24th because it directy links to
their Fatima occult Ritual performed the 25th of March (see logs) —
that feastday normally falls at random June dates but this year it’s the 24th :
is it too far out that the Ritual deliberately pointed to the 24th : our 24th … ?

Sir we don’t want to leave you nor fail you
but please promise that it was enough now

21 june
loose ends … – only having checked some chapters ,
no energy for anything else let alone entire pages …
— so guys , tomorrow/thursday must be the window ;
just please remember it is a textual possibility
so we can’t be as expectant as we probably liked to

Sir , we took the bridgehead … defending it for ages ..
yet now it became only fighting to not fall asleep in it ;
not cause we want to but the game is over :
as for me I will drink me to death if it will seem that you
will not have acted — not as blackmail but as result ;
it’s your call now please

18 june
all day sick of nerves without any clear reason
and this silence – as if something has stopped ;
next couple of days will be the longest ever …

17 june
posted : letter on homepage
… three days we pondered the draft — and we hope you agree ,
and agree that it’s the only thing we still can do for Jacob
– yes ofcourse it’s … a risk to be that date specific but you saw all the
chapters leading up to this : and we cannot retreat even we wanted —
it HAS to be this and we support it like everything else in prophets
… Sir ,
we get in trouble when thinking about the many categories but please
do remove the children – and especially the SRA ones

15 june
posted : the Lie “Ezekiel’s temple” : it is a concoction of Esau :
corrupt chapters : Ez. 40 (5-49), 41, 42, 43 (10-27), 44,
45, 46, 47 (13-23), 48 : because the eden gate is the throneroom ;
… sphere has changed since two days now , unsure what way
but it feels like we (-only) still need to tie some loose ends together …