11 march
it was a place for temporary stay , and in the dream I had to announce
an unknown person sitting on a bench to go leave – but observing his defiant
attitude I knew that I had no legal right to put him outside
– when night had fallen the father-like figure next to me said to him 
“the last bus leaves in a few mins : if you don’t leave now.. (followed by a threat)”
and immediately the guy packed up and left
… upon waking I knew that this was about an ‘It’ – a demon – who will have right
to bother us if we did something wrong – even if that something was done out of
tiredness or by a moment of weakness : and the time ‘It’ will be assigned to us
is for us much like the penalty time-out for hockeyplayers … please remember
(while the type ‘It’ is likely related to the nature of the mistake … sigh)

the second one was ‘as freshman entering the university of ancient religions’ 
but it had an unsympathetic sphere and no one wanted to help , busy as they
were with their own concepts ; I walked out the building , it was nighttime ,
and had to walk around a large pool within some park – being more like a swamp –
to get to the Jesuit type castle on the other side which owned the university
… – this one is about hieroglyphs (indeed “a swamp”) and the castle likely as
‘the comprehension of the text itself’ : there’s no option but to keep doing the same 
difficult themes until connections will jump out   —  eventhough you will see that 
most of now posted CT 469 is very readable , written against US 


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