11 may 2021

very likely : Russian shooting : a defense Ritual of Adam [-himself]


… a type shooting like this is most unusual in Russia ,
the last one was in Beslan – years ago – and caused a national Trauma ;
this time , a few major aspects just don’t add up :

–    city location
… the city where it happened is Kazan , which is “in the east”,
and compared on a worldmap as “in the north-east” – where Mystery-Babylon is ;
–    land name :
the city is the capital of Tatarstan , where (-tatar) is “wrathful , angry”- see above ;
–    name : the Cauldron
… as the literal meaning of ‘Kazan’,
while the cauldron (or “cooking-pot) burning our Originals is where Adam is ;

–    flag of Kazan :
a mythical creature as a dragon called Zilant , to right ,
now ,
the týpe dragon (having wings) was borrowed from Persia ,
as a region named in prophets as “Assyria”  –
note how the dragon is wearing a crown ,
and the notion “king of Assyria” appears : as Adam ;


part II 
… but it gets even móre weird :  

–     the patsy (=’tool’) : “loving the motherland”
… we found the name [1] , (Ильназ) – Tender to the Motherland (has Arabic ending) ,
a popular Tatar name like ‘flame of the motherland , friend of the motherland, etc ;
(source : Wiki) , and
Galina (Cyrillic : Галина; from Greek γαλήνη "Serenity") is a Russian feminine given name
(source : Wiki) ,
so , as “the serene one adhering to the homeland” – which is still Mystery-Babylon
(and see the GREEK NAME aspect here !) ;
–     then : the stunning confession :
also taken from [1] ; we saw the clip of the interrogation by the police ,
and it appeared to us as if a demon was talking through the patsy ;
full text [1] : [quote] :
“This is what the shooter said during the first interrogation :

I did not realize myself as a god at once, two months ago. And in the summer, a monster
specifically began to awaken for me. I started to hate everyone. I always hated everyone
and started to hate even more. Don’t you dare to attribute to me some psychic or
psychological bullshit. Nobody told me, I myself realized two months ago that I am God.
this was the first time I said this to my mom, I don’t have a mother, I just call her “you”.
she’s not my mother. I have no parents, I hate you all. I do not have a mother,
I have given up everything. The woman who gave birth to me is not my mother.
there is no mom or dad, I never called them that.”
[/quote] ;  
… the above is frighteningly similar to Isaiah 45 ,
“woe unto him that saith unto his father : what have you begotten ?
and to the woman : what have you brought forth ..? “ ;

that chapter is about Christ replacing Adam : in casu , the woe is to Adam ! ;

closing : the ritual ‘target’ :

… this is the tricky part :
it’s possible “that he ritually killed himself”
because prophets describe “how his eden-life will stop – and spirits will slay him” ,
since the patsy obviously represents himsélf , it’s possible he targets the Originals ;
the school’s name is “number thousandfourhundredfourtyf ..” – sorry , Nr. 175 ,
and by the number of réal victims it comes already close to a total number of 144 ;
a ‘school’ is typically “for students” , which – in fact – wé are ;
where the shooting happened on the THIRD floor :
we can’t help seeing that as ‘a graduation aspect’ – understanding the 3d covenant .

… whatever more may surround this Ritual – it is anulled .

UPD.: +10hrs
[remember – this is still about the 144,]

“other messages [..] he also wrote :
I came to this world as a human to get rid of all of you.”
“There should be no one living, this is the universe’s mistake.” [2]

… we’re familiar with the concept of ‘exorcism’ (but don’t practice it) ,
yet never heard something as weird as ‘came to this world as a human’ ;
it only fits in the context of this ritual ;
and about the “living”… – from his point , indeed .