11 nov [10 pm ET] [-rewritten]
allright ; since you are always silent to us Sir we don’t mind listening to others
for possible confirmation ; there WAS a big hit and the ‘sweet guy’ even said his name ,
but then went totally cowardice . We’ve no problems with him but it only shows that
we are deeply alone – this isn’t about some person you once granted some dream
and now they think they represent the Legal — WE fought to understand your words !!
we !
Sir you are hurting us beyond belief .. we had so enough of scraping the barrel ..
if we agree that it is all just as you said , why remain so angry and silent .. ?



11 november
indescribable .. today as if that death has permeated the soul …like dew a rug …
she doesn’t because cannot move any longer … nor speak [-to Him] 
like the whole left chest is one foggy silent foreign region
and so so many questions float around    —
please that this doesn’t mean that the soul in that state means she’ll be left behind ..
and is this ‘the shadow of death’ or death itself ?      but then why like this ?
and is all the nature of the soul now wiped out  ?      but then whát is the soul ?
we’ve read that the soul got dirty when contacting this ape body ,
but is not ‘escaping it’ her rescue ..?       why then this death enveloping her ..?
… this morning 
we found the vid of the 10 year old , to right ,
it can’t be coincidence she describes the grey
mist inside the people as this very same theme
(we’re not sure if the latter is 1:1 related to 
the jab theme – more likely the jabbed ones
represent Jacob in her dream , as group ;
and no none of us hR got the poison)

perhaps “this weekend” we go ? the third day ?
… the whole situation can also be interlinked with this sweet guy ,
see dream “the reporter and the forgotten word” , dream in first , comment below 2nd ,



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