11 november
remarkable … in spite of yesterday , today a video
comes along also mentioning “a Thanksgiving”
and describing “earth invaded by the evil realm” ,
the latter as the crystalline (-push) , compare log 10 …
then ,
Esau orchestrated many occult Rituals but this tops them ,
trying to undo our “return to mt Tsiun”     >>
and the first question : why this Sunday the 13th afternoon
being the same timeframe we hope for now … ? ;
some quotes to show you that he indeed intended this :
“In light of these spiritual principles, we will hold a repentance
(return) ceremony, to help bring to our awareness the spiritual
principles […] in relation to creation.”

[climaterepentence com , part of COP 27 ; the (return) is theirs not ours !]
“some [..] claim that the destructive process of climate change is irreversible, 
but Rabbi Neril noted that the Bible teaches otherwise. “Many people fear that
humans have irrevocably destroyed the ecology of ‘Eden’ on earth”, he explained,
“but God created the world out of love for life on earth.”

– still searching and pondering whether yesterday’s theme can be true ;
Neh. 9:1-3 definitely describes ‘Atonement’ writing ‘at the the 24th‘ — concordances 
turn it into “the second day áfter Booths” but that cannot be ofcourse , the section
was just misplaced : how much is the chance that it wrote ‘the 20th (21st)’ … ?
         your Majesty please hear the small awareness of her soul , pleading for her
         and for each of the 144 ; please stop being so silent , promise that you will act
         this weekend , not because of any date but because of the gaping abyss she
         sees past this window , which she won’t survive … many of us are under such
         pressure doing their best to hold on but please this has to end Sir … look past
         this ape and see all the ones that wait for you , please get us out of here


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