11 september
posted: Hos. 13 “the ‘I am already saved’ will cause disaster’
(first submission – and definitive)
… after previous chapter (Esau having corrupted prophets)
today’s christians don’t understand from whát they are saved —
because the entire theme of “the return to eden” escapes them ;



11 september
.. we’re not so interested in vids so we missed this one ;
but you see it is about the theme in the Amos chapters :
both sl*ts “tell the story” , but Jenner represents the
female Originals as mistress of them spirits —
even ‘the castle’ and ‘the statue’ you will recognize
(the method of ‘two parties’, where one narrates while the
other one is the subject also shows in the Gaga video)

… another predictive programming is “good girls go to hell”,
which describes Jacob having to enter Revelation
(see breakdown in [1] but remember this is the real theme)

(vid was too pathetic to post)
(thesaxon org)
vigilantcitizen com – meaning of all the good girls go to hell



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