12 august
meanwhile in other , Esau , ‘news’ :
NASA : Bennu asteroid could hit earth 24 september 2182
… his occult club only preténded ‘to have put a man on the moon’ ,
and this whole “Osiris + Bennu (=phoenix)” thing is a Ritual , as well :
their message
can very well be “the Internet blackout Esau will cause” , this Sept. 24th
(and total Chaos following that , ofcourse – as part of Esau’s Kreat Rezet) :
since they added the so-called “Yarkovsky (-effect)” ,
which’ Slavic root -yar simply means “year , time , season”
(the diminutive – ko is ‘little’ (‘little time’) ; the -sky is not relevant) —
reading as ‘the 24th september of this year’ :
“[by this effect ,] we improved our knowledge of Bennu’s trajectory by a
factor of 20″ , [Farnocchia] said” — what he means is ’20 + a year’ ;
that is why Esau chose the utter debile ‘2182’ to juxtapose with ‘-yar’, see

the related dream past night is too complex to tell
BUT we do not care for Esau’s plans : make it today or tomorrow Sir


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