12 august
completed : John 11 ; very interesting final section about Esau
where he plotted to corrupt His words related to prophets ;
timeline :
please see to right (click) :
in this one we now added
the 2x 40 days that Moses
went up to the mountain ,
and do see the quote in top ;
the fractal feels Solid but it
needs some time to sink in
(was july 22 a promise ..?) ,
just let’s pray it is true …
the (botched) ad hoc occult
Ritual killing of you and we –

like always also the Rushdie case is about attributes :
“the one on the right path – (of eden-) peace” wrote “the satanic verses”
and though the latter wasn’t against the KJV the relation is obvious ,
while working (‘lecturing’) to be ‘taken away’ – Chautauqua are two Seneca
words Ga-Jah (fish) and Ga-dah-gwah (taken out) ; done 33 years after a
fatwah was put on him (see Esau’s MSM) as a number Esau equals with
the age of Christ at his death   — 
good for the poor man , too bad Esau can’t trumpet it now in his media
Esau’s stooge reads as “showering  -(with) sorcery” ; ‘officially’ the name
Hadi is ‘guide’ but the root is also ‘hajj/hadj’ “pilgrimage/sorcery” and we’re
sure about the latter for we researched that ritual years ago ;
yes we put too much attention to this but something else is going on – 
as if Esau connected this one with something else (his Ukraine holocaust?)
because it’s unusually strong causing a stumbling day ..
ah , found why this is happening : 
“The presumption of stopping Time — of wanting eternal youth,
unlimited well-being, absolute power — is not only impossible, it is delusional.
read : we want to ; and yes the King of the North means ‘Eden’ :
“Paradise is often rightly full of beatitude, of light, of love.” 



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