12 february
posted : bulk of Amduat hour III : Horus stealing the eden stalk
– we’ve a huge backlog and had to do this one first
to be sure that the context of next IV – the moon – was correct

12 february
the Ukraine Ritual 
… ofcourse the entire “war threat” is concocted
to replace Esau’s wrong choice of lessening the
pressure of his cloth shot program ; 
– interesting are phrases like “the US Secretary 
[..] said Friday [..] that a Russian invasion [..]
“could begin at any time,” including during the 
Beijing winter Olympics’ (CNN) ;
“yet we don’t know the day nor hour” ;     >>  
especially the last line shows the nature of “the threat” for Esau “coming from the east”,
and again he is buying precious Time – to have the attention of the candidates muddled
by paying attention to (and therefore confirming) his ritual



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