12 january
developments …
please first take a look at the video and interpret it —
… – watching it during morning-coffee while thinking
about the to be posted CoffinTexts about ‘this moon’
(containing some promising clues !) ,
the first weird phrase was “a Pharisee in bed
and the second one “touching the arm” , as familiar
(compare the latter with the Rev woman page) ;

so this definitely warranted watching the video again more attentive —
and the entire context of it seems like she is addressing herself throughout all of the video
– now
it is still unclear whý “3 of the 10 left” : obviously they could not “have been sealed (-yet)”,
and concerning their character : they had been part of us long time already ;
while the woman who remained néxt to them was familiar , having a job as accountant
or bookkeeper – so perhaps the nature of these three was “bible explainer”
in her dream ,
the “adultery with the Pharisee” is such enórmous Red Flag , depicting the “mixture of
true and false beliefs” – read : clinging much to Esau’s lies – and this explains ‘the anger’ 
of Christ in the dream ; while also the Isaiah section – though in reality different – fits her ,
only reinforcing the interpretation that … He don’t want to see any ‘mixture’ in the 144  
please understand this isn’t against her and the group she represents ; but considered
the dangerous timeframe we’re in , “holding on to any of Esau’s concepts” may well
function as the final rope preventing the hot air balloon from finally rising up …
– if anyone of the 144 is compromised by following a person thinking to explain You
  but in reality is keeping any candidate in bondage , please anull those constructs ;
  please reeducate those explaining ones – and if they’re stubborn , remove them ,
  and add other souls who have a true soft heart , instead   
… it’s already poor enough as it is Sir … – do please tell us what is up next



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