12 october – 666 jab and Trumpets
… well-worth to watch    >> ,
like we would have said it – until 25 mins in ;
the ‘this month’ he talks about is that several
countries made a “15 October deadline” ,
and this (date-) is coupled with a possible
default of the US Treasury ,
combined with the Evergrande implosion [1] 
(and also the date when the jab-manufacturers
by court order were to disclose its contents  —
but this theme is thoroughly buried by now) ; 

this very timeframe is a most tensed one
also because people start to resist [2]
(and watch the clip of the pilot) :
Esau ofcourse knows this and may speed up
his organized crash of all of society ;
– also the section in the vid about the scanners
not picking up a (bodily-) signal is true ofcourse ,
since ‘the passport’ is but a deflection   —
first by (graphene) ‘atom password technology’ [3]
and second because the patent exists already
to ‘read the body’ and create “a social credit
system” way more advanced than China’s [4] ;

Sir you again are very far away …
           ibb pic
       (click to enlarge)



[4] internet of bodies linked to social credit system : 



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