12 september
posted : Ez.34 “today’s pastors VS the 144,000”
… just get us out Sir please
– and then you tell what you think .. – that’s the only thing what matters



12 september
… forget what I said Sir … please … – i only try to understánd
… it’s so debilitating to realize the soul is nothing more but a binary switch
only able to agree or disagree … yes or no … and nothing more
… you know that i always (make me to) realize the difference between
the nature of a deity – as far i can grasp that – and of a soul … but the
endless days bis zum Gehtnichtmehr without a word , a dream , ánything ,
turns that difference into an uncrossable Gap … which is utterly bizarre
especially in the context of this very site
… yes i remember your thunderous voice ‘weighed and found wanting’ ,
leaving the soul in total devastation – and many years later you made her
to start this project : and she agrees with every word you said ,
but why would you want souls who are only a binary switch …?
… can i – if you still want to take me – not have some place far in the back ,
let the others do the warring and the ruling and the judging ,
i’m not good for that anyway
… just a safe place far in the back … please



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