12 september
posted : first half of (-the extremely corrupted) 
    (#2) Is. 7+8: Adam (‘Rezin’)
   is ordering Esau (‘Remaliah’) 
      to go corrupt the scroll –
   (confirming Revelation part 1)
      but the 144 (-today) find it
   (‘Immanuel is born’ is corrupt)

… for some strange reason this chapter is “a matter of honour” also 
because it perfectly would support the Revelation part I  — now please : 
the Kreat Rezet chapter got many likes of you even within the first hours 
of having been posted , therefore we (hR) have courage to request you 
the following because we have felt that He listens to you  —
plead with Him that our date is indeed mid-November , plead that the rest
of our brothers and sisters will be completed by that time ;
… our Father doesn’t like to be blackmailed so it’s useless to practice things
as ‘fasting’ like endtime sites will promote — he just wants you as your soul
that wants to trust Him and wants to wait for what he will do without any kind
of pony tricks : promise you will give him that honour
and promise that you help all of us to get out of this sinking ship
[UPD. + 3 hrs :]
German MP : “not anyone will forget September 24 2022  
and everyone will know exactly where he or she was”  
(and what is with the assets of the Vatican Bank to be retrieved by Sept.30 ?)




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