13 april
… if the soul cannot get air anymore , is that related to the
second meaning of “the lamps” in the 10 virgins parable ..? ;
there must be some “dimensional river flowing [in-] to this earth” ,
containing “(eden-) light particles sustaining the soul [-somewhat]”
– the above for utter Lack of better phrasing –
while the light of this sun but maintains “this type body” ;

… is the “dozing off (-of the soul)” the result of the ceasing of the first ,
while “the sun getting dark” will [-but] be the consequence of that ceasing ? ;
dualism indeed arrived , with the result that the first has ceased …? ;
and how come that no other [-souls] address their being strangled now ?
did most [-believers] so completely lose contact with their own soul ?
yet if this is unlivable already ,
what will be when the fire – the crystalline 666 dimension – will come ..?


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