13 april
posted : Gen. 48 : the gate theme as promise to (-the house) Judah
… so since we have the correct ‘(moon-) gate’ also these texts run properly , 
where this one seems to confirm that it’s indeed the very last theme ;
– however
we can only guess (how strange…) if “this passover” could be our time  —
the only interesting concept we found online is someone describing how
every mass-exodus happened “in the first month” – now as this April ,
from the exodus out of Egypt , the exodus out of the desert (Joshua)
and the exodus of souls from prison after Christ’s sacrifice :
just let’s hope now as an exodus out of this earth …
– well : in all those events also a gate was involved !
in Egypt the door with blood , at Joshua Jericho (stolen gate)
and at Christ (The door) the renting of the veil of the temple ….



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