13 december
‘the smoking gun’ 
… Esau’s incredible reverse-psychology article – per BBC ,
supporting our concept that “the real goal is the vaccine”
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13 december 
from the horse’s mouth
… the Vatican’s “nativity scene” was lambasted by many because of
the ‘astronaut’ towering over the holy family — but it depicts Osiris ,
as the ‘towering angel’ whose body is depicted in the Djed-pillar form ;
suggesting that ‘he appears from a tomb’ as the stones flanking him
(and, less clear , the Anubis shadow upon his chest – caused deliberately ;
while sources talk about ‘sumerian and egyptian signs within the crib’) ,

… but this scene belongs to a second sculpture installed on that square :
the “angels unaware” was the first statue to be placed there in 400 years ,
depicting (outwardly) “a group of refugees”   —


yet by exclusion , this time those favourite Communist ideals of the RC
were used to cover the real theme of this Ritual :
… the people represent ‘humanity’ — not only because they are depicted
as people of the past and present , but also because they stand on a boat
– as this earth ; 
and the wings above them represent “a consciousness hovering over them” ,
as the theme of the statue : “angels unawares” (taken from Hebrews 12:3)  —
… while the represent of that consciousness now shows in the nativity scene ..



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