13 july
so indeed it is an occult Ritual       >> ,
and Esau’s intent shows in his NASA
twitterfeed as #UnfoldTheUniverse :
a blatant attempt to STOP the seal we
wait : “the sky rolling up as a scroll” ;
by having millions of God’s adm-souls
accepting his nonsensical imagery ;
sideways it can indeed be linked to 
the Field of Reeds : the purple flap 
reminds of “the purple banner of Tyre”
(the Field as part of their Magical Boat)
ás the figure of hexagons looking like
their geodesic dome (Buckminster Fuller) ;
where NASA had to tweet 
                     (google nasa doodle of today)



“apart from wider Space let’s not forget the Buck moon” (today’s moon)
which is a direct Ritual link to the Buckminster-fuller concept ;
you said you will act IF we found all
then stop – please – being an inaccessible silent noncaring deity for us



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