13 march 
is the (deepest-) consciousness … now turning into iron ?
we need to talk please :
you know that you and we are the proverbial
canaries in the coal mine, and therefore must
notice any change in (the spiritual-) sphere ;
but this awful state – since a week or so – 
only seems to increase with every day 
… we don’t need to address the upper cursed one : 
we must only use that one to survive the day

(instead of letting it be programmed by Esau’s created reality) 
because anyway we lived out of the heart consciousness linked to the soul , right , 
and often
this combination ‘triggered’ a response from the other-reality-consciousness
as the level by which God confirms things to the soul … is that phrased right ?
But that level is disappearing – fast. 
and , seemingly , taking the soul with her ,
so that only a tiny , undirected and helpless heart-consciousness seems to remain
which can barely pray and barely fight – but only has heartache
… the term “iron” denotes the character of the evil dimension ,
having totally Hardened the other-reality-consciousness and also swallowed the soul ,
much like how the lava streams of the Pompei eruption surrounded the poor beings ;
we still think this is due to Esau’s Ukraine Ritual – so perhaps the lines today from his
Vatican HQ are not surprisingly about “sedated and anesthetized sleeping souls” ;
and ,
though it ofcourse is against Esau’s goal it may be that the 4th horse arrived ,
of death and the underworld — but we’ve no other proof to substantiate that 

the dream was “a float on the sea being pulled away by a hostile float-like ship”
and a secondary one having a similar theme ; yesterday’s one was “preparing for
the night inside a large hall which had no floor anymore but a deep bomb crater” ;
the themes point to this same problem with the other-reality-consciousness
what we can do
… perhaps you don’t feel like the above – at all ; but this situation is very dangerous
because slowly but surely it closes us off from Him   —
please don’t discard this danger and plead accordingly


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