13 may
the problem is not that nothing happened
the problem is ‘what now’ 

it was never a “thus says …. ”
but a hopeful possibility based upon every possible restored context     
— yet. it. did. not. happen.
the rather nasty result is
that one doesn’t even want to think anymore about going

worse – does not want to talk to Him anymore
[because apparently it’s that fckn difficult for Him to just say something : ánything] 
which is a bit complicated situation for spokesmen like you and we .. isn’t it

2000 and 2500 years old texts , never understood , having been made readable now
yet the net result is feeling like a fckn clown
and what are we going to do now ? 
how will we survive when the past 90 days were an endless torture already ?
if you are offended by the swear words
please ask yourself how it is possible that we can restore complicated sections (Mt.23)
seeing that Christ was completely convinced and kind about you and we
yet we have to beg and suffer to have 1 word about our situation right now ……. ? 



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