14 april
posted : 1 Cor. 14 (II and III)
… continued from 13 — incredible chapter ;
also the ‘women may not speak in church’ is herewith Debunked ;
… standing in the livingroom of the house of nativity ,
the door to the garden was open and 30 (?) crows flew inside —
immediately followed by hundreds of sparrows : they formed one large
seperate whirling cloud – but then turned themselves in two distinct clouds
[and the door closed ?] ;
… do the sparrows represent the 144 — as in ‘two houses’ ? ;
and the thirty crows “thirty pieces of silver” (‘thrown back into the temple’) ,
as ‘the betrayer having been betrayed’…?
– dreams always helped , but this one feels a bit strange :
why the theme is ‘birds’ (like -augur, “birds + direct” from a few logs ago) ;
is it because the subconsciousness is now owned by their dualistic realm ?

in prophets , ‘silver’ is the eden-aspect
which they stole to ‘decorate their realm with’


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