december 14
no … was another attack …
– you do not loathe Jacob
… you cried in Jeremiah for
what he has to go through ,
being angry at his choice ;
but we souls are so .. simple ,
nothing has changed since
the apple – except that now
Esau is doing the talking
Sir it’s such a gigantic mess … ashamed for the poor waiting , for this disgusting ape ,
for starting to make judgmental mistakes … it is the pressure …
even external dreams to hold on to stopped since two weeks … perhaps related to
the moon situation – also because more and more talk about sleeping problems
… we can’t go back nor forward … we found the Ninth and can’t abolish it now ,
that would make it Invalid … but day after day passes as time itself mocking us
and waiting for you has become an outright nightmare



14 december [3am]
you don’t loathe us
… do you loathe the large group who ran to get the jab ? is that it ?
– opposed to the one who was forced and blackmailed to ?
… get us out Sir .. today … please
promise … today … all your 144 and the children
– to all of you brothers and sisters … plead to Him that He will act ,
all of our struggles are the same and for the same goal
… please remember that your specific attribute supports everyone of us


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