14 februari
about this ‘not saying nothing’ :
woke with a dream about a certain familiar  
but estranged woman who , as it were , 
“had returned again” ; coupled with a scene 
where an artifact representing “the root” had 
been (?) moved from the ground floor to the
upper floor of the mansion
– then showed this vid [bit long , 19 mins]  >> ;
‘the root’ we identify as the attribute of Cham out of whom Canaan/Esau was born
where the latter uses “the good Cham souls” as his hostage (see moon page) ;
it’s very tricky to identify this “root” attribute but it must be related to ‘essence’ 
[hence the reason that Canaan sháres this strange attribute with good Cham] ,
and amduat V – about stealing the eden moon light – calls that essence “the root”,
likely referring to “the essence of the feminine deep-south dimension” 
(where the river coming from the Temple will cascade into , see Ezekiel) ;
you compare the Somalian (‘Cham’) woman of the vid , talking about stars going round
(’the binary’?) , the ugly “black goo” négative essence (! , and compare Canaan) ,
the ‘clinging to the legs’ (‘root/grounded’) , the “moon mark” it left (see Amduat)
and the ‘diamond’ type physical-essence (‘of eden moon now’?) — namely ‘as drink’ ,
we may very well have the very same ‘root theme’ here ;

apart from the Ukraine one , the yearly NFL Ritual called halftime show featured blacks
(as Cham) on the upper level of a mansion ánd on a red ground level (‘root’?) below that ,
depicted by the guy hanging upside-down in that room
(and who knows today’s interactive Doodle is also “for Esau to keep being connected
to Cham” because of his weird addition “(no matter the species)” , see Doodle page) ;

it’s a bit Vague log , sorry .. but obviously “the moon and essence” are one theme
and most likely “as attribute” of “Cham” — that the woman returned , in the dream , 
does this mean you now are collecting all of those linked to that same root attribute ?
– please you execute it … and don’t be disappointed in us for being too tired
found by accident – one of the ‘rappers’ (read: non-musicians) heavily endorses
so-called Black Judaism : “blacks belonging to the tribes of Ishral but having been
placed under a curse” – as a warped version of what happened with good Cham ;
so it’s entirely possible that Esau indeed used these for his theme



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