14 july
having received two short letters , by a person whom in
all the years until now represents Judah (the masculine of the 144)
… his main message was about “chaff”
depicted as a tumbleweed with dark centre
– after that I stood on a field , owned by a woman
(whom , through the years , must represent this earth)
and it was full of the same tumbleweeds

I’m alarmed … I can’t prove it ofcourse by the dream only ,
but (parts of-) Judah must be trapped … read , having buyed into
Esau’s narrative concerning his cojona/vaccine endeavour …
…- chaff… = nonsense … dark centre … = sorcery … World
sir we are the base
we knew something was wrong
sir you correct or replace those of judah

14 juli
years we walked in front
don’t now throw us away like a used rag
– we don’t claim no rights for having read what you said
since it’s your doing
just like we cannot claim attributes what the others do for us all
… but it’s going the wrong way … fast ..
without any identifiable reason … and that is most worrying


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