14 july                                                                                            9 DAYS  [bad case : 19 days still]
posted : Is.60 : Eden restored
… to not keep it from you , and she runs proper ; the final 4 lines are still lacking
because those (19&20) múst be about ‘the sceptre’ but you can see the problem there
           your Majesty … you see that we walk a half-dark no man’s land , and every now
           and then a sudden heavy mist engulf us – a dirty one  , reaching unto the soul ,
           and all she can do is wait till you remove it … and we again walk on a while …
           but it’s all in such thirst  : then we make the mistake to go look at the so-called YT
           endtime community , searching for one sip of cool drink but it only results in
           frustration because of the neverending sorcery there : we won’t do it again
           and just stay with all you said here
           neither we judge any soul – except Esau , but just ask that you come for all the
           humble ones connected to us here and ofcourse all the ones of your choosing
           that are outside ; always forgive us , immediately , and do please see the torture
           of being in that desert dying of thirst yet having to wait for you — endlessly …



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