14 june                                                                                                                                         +/- 10 DAYS
posted : Hab.2 (3/4th) : we to declare Adam’s crimes
… incredible chapter and running beautifully now ;
posting this already because the intent is that we declare it together before our Date
since Adam must be judged right before we go – you will please understand
[but the final section may take two days still hence we post this part already] 
           your Majesty … she has no courage to look at you
           but hands you back the original words you have spoken ;
           please , please get us out of this useless ape , nothing less will do ;
           do please not let us die but instead it is his time to die now —
           please always forgive us everything even it may tire you [-to] ,
           therefore please stop this useless cycle and restore us again



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