14 march [7pm]
posted : CT 226 : the eden gate – now we’re really getting somewhere !
(what a strange day this …)

14 march
Esau : “by God , stop you the war against Mariopol !”    (=M-Babylon)
           “and shame on you fundamentalists thinking this is a Ritual !”
we    :  “why we feel that The War In Heaven is stárting now ?”
… we’re just paying attention – bold is ours :
After the Angelus.
“[..] we have just prayed to the Virgin Mary. This weekend, the city that bears her name,
Mariupol, has become a city martyred by the ruinous war that is devastating Ukraine.
Faced with the barbarism of the killing of children, and of innocent and defenseless 
citizens, there are no strategic reasons that hold up: the only thing to be done is to cease
the unacceptable armed agression before the city is reduced to a cemetary.    
[..] In the name of God, I ask you: stop this massacre !”
I ask all [..] to increase their moments of prayer for peaceGod is only the God of peace,
he is not the God of war, and those supporting violence will profane his name.”     [1]
we saw in previous statements
that the addressed woman is “the one holding the golden cup” – Mystery Babylon ;
in the second bold line it depends for which god he speaks , but the “you” can only refer to
his audience — and here is a surprise , see below ;  
while the last line is the corresponding emotional blackmail against Jacob souls ;
interestingly the phrase “barbarism of children killing” reminds of the lines in prophets
“and her children (=of Mystery-Babylon) will be dashed against the rocks” ; 
— then comes an editorial ,
with an absurd phrasing concerning the theme above :
“[..] this time however , those being addressed in the papal appeal are not jihadist
fundamentalists, but anyone who thinks there may be a religious “cover” – 
a religious explanation to offer believers – for the war in Ukraine [..].”       [2]
… if you read close he invented the ‘jihad’ thing to come to this point ,
so that he now means “óther type fundamentalists” , read , YOU AND WE 
(and in wider sense the 144) because we are the only ones considering it a Ritual ! 
meaning that the “you” which the pope used also intended the 144 !
so , the only thing making Sense is that Esau feels that his Ritual is failing :
not only because of his rather overheated statements above , but also because today 
a strange – and unexpected – lessening of the pressure around seems to be happening
… therefore , Sir , 
you was silent so long ; please give your army the go to attack that host and prevail over it .. 
that you come and just get us out from here .. a million things you will need to forgive us , 
but then only look to our supporting your desire to have eden back .. the soul hasn’t much
courage to face you but she wants to trust that you can be kind beyond belief 




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